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New Dot-Poker Web Domain Launching

Jan 16, 2015
For players and operators looking for an effective web address, the domain name [.POKER] is completely logical.

Dot-LGBT The New Dot-Com For Gay Community « CBS Philly

Jan 16, 2015
The web is seeing an explosion in alternatives to dot-com: now, you can be dot-church, dot-expert or even dot-ninja. But a Montgomery County company is behind one of the newest names with a specific audience in mind. It’s .lgbt…

New Organic Web Domain Gaining Attention | WholeFoods Magazine

Jan 16, 2015
A newly available Web domain is beginning to be adopted by organic groups and companies... ".ORGANIC." It is only available to companies that sell at least some certified organic products, or are legitimate players in the organic industry. A survey commissioned by Afilias shows the public may actually value this distinction being made when visiting Web sites.

新顶级域名上线 选好“互联网新门牌号”-中新网

Jan 16, 2015
New top-level domains launching in China - choose your new web address!

New Online Landscape Enables Stronger Relationships with Customers | Digital Marketing Magazine

Nov 14, 2014
Afilias CMO Roland LaPlante talks about how new top-level domains help improve customer experience, strengthen trust, and offer powerful branding opportunities.

中域新顶级域大会首秀 TMCH降价助商标品牌保护_域名资讯中心

Nov 06, 2014
Afilias CMO Roland LaPlante talks to China audiences on how to leverage ".brand" strategies for marketing success

Companies can now get a .organic web address -- so should they? | Organic content from New Hope 360

Oct 28, 2014
Afilias, the world’s second-largest domain registry, is giving qualified brands, retailers, farmers, restaurants and organizations that focus on organic the opportunity to register for a website URL that ends in .ORGANIC, instead of the traditional .COM.

Organic gets its own exclusive, top-level domain | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Oct 28, 2014
Anyone can register for a .organic domain name, but before any website with the domain can go live, it will have to go through the group's verification process.


Oct 28, 2014
Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer of Afilias, shares the current outlook on .ORGANIC and what qualifications are needed to own a domain with the top-level domain.