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Domain ending .organic latest address to enter digital marketplace | MSN Travel

Jul 09, 2014
Created to help users quickly identify business with clear domain endings, the online trend has moved to the organic food movement, with global registry services provider Afilias bringing the generic domain to the web.

Consumer trust in branded domains reaches new high | ITProPortal

Jul 02, 2014
"Even before they have all fully launched, consumers are warming to the notion of new domains. The research reinforces our belief that within five years most global brands will be operating from dotBrand Internet addresses.”

Brand gTLDs increasingly trustworthy: Afilias report | Trademarks & Brands Online

Jul 02, 2014
People are more likely to buy goods from a .brand generic top-level domain (gTLD) than they were last year, a report by Afilias has found. The domain name registry recently sampled 3,469 internet users in the UK and US, following a similar survey last year. Since 2013, Afilias found, the portion of respondents who would prefer to buy from ‘shop.adidas’ over ‘’ has risen from 13% to 18%. The data also show that 13% of people would feel that companies will be “behind the times” if they don’t use a .brand gTLD. Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer at Afilias, said: “Major global brands are now preparing to launch their own .brand domains in order to capitalize on the branding, security and customer experience advantages they will now have over competitors. “Brands without these advantages must prepare quickly for ICANN to open the next window, as consumers are showing an increasing willingness to accept and even trust these new addresses.”

QNET Gets Exclusive URL That Will Change the Internet Forever | PRWeb

Mayo 28, 2014
One of the speakers at the Congress said in his address that the new top-level domains are a game changer. “In the future, all companies will want to own their brand domain and move all their online presence there where they have full control. The companies who get their own gTLD in this first round will have a tremendous advantage over the companies who follow which will at least be 24 months away if not more,” said Roland LaPlante, CMO of Afilias.

Domain Name Land Rush: More Room for Companies, Competition and Scam Artists | Knowledge@Wharton

Mayo 22, 2014
Roland LaPlante, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at global registry service Afilias, said in a recent Wharton speech that these new options for web addresses represent “the largest expansion of the [domain name system] in the history of the Internet,” adding that it “will change the way customers find you online.”

In a world of global commerce, what does London stand for? | Internet Retailing

Apr 29, 2014
Roland LaPlante, senior vice president at Afilias, also believes the date is a historic one. “Every major city has developed its own ‘brand,’ and these brands can now be promoted via their own top level domains (TLDs),” he says. “.London joins .Berlin and soon .Vegas, .Stockholm, .Helsinki, .Istanbul and others will launch. Will this create an unfair advantage for cities who did not apply this time? ICANN is already being lobbied to open a next round soon, and the expected success of .LONDON and others will certainly add to the pressure. Afilias is providing technical support for many of these, and looks forward to a future where every major city has its own domain in on the Internet.”

What the New Top-Level Domains Mean for Marketers | marketingprofs

Apr 22, 2014
The benefits of the TLD expansion for retailers are just beginning to be explored. Brands with customers who are experiencing social media fatigue should take advantage of this significant change to unify their online presence and create relevant online communities through the new TLDs soon to be available to them. Brands that did not apply for their dot brand TLD in this round should begin now to prepare to apply when ICANN (the authority that runs the Internet's naming system) opens the next round of applications, which could be as soon as next year. After all, if your competitor has a branded TLD, you don't want your customers to think that they are more innovative than you. Regardless of whether you applied in this round, you should closely monitor the evolving relationship between brands and social networks. The pace of change is accelerating, and you will need to understand this changing landscape to continue being successful.

Get .SHIKSHA Site |

Apr 18, 2014
Global registry services provider Afilias has announced the general availability of the top-level domain designed specifically for education in India: .SHIKSHA. Indians worldwide are familiar with the Sanskrit-derived word “shiksha,” which stands for education, exchange of knowledge, teaching, learning and the path to self-improvement. Shiksha is a heritage and part of every Indian’s consciousness.